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-Y.A.E. and the Arts

After large budget cuts within the Bay Area school system, students were left with limited to no access to the arts. Youth Arts Empowerment is a fresh emerging non-profit, founded in March of 2019, that strives to bring the arts back into Bay Area schools. Y.A.E. seeks to provide urban youth with equal access to the arts, as well as demonstrate that the arts can be used as an outlet for therapeutic creative expression.


We are working to team up with with Bay Area schools to provide creative arts residencies and workshops, tailored to help youth focus on their spiritual selves and emotions,  advocate for forgiveness, promote healthy self-esteem and simply take their minds off everyday stresses. We believe that we can empower our youth and communities through therapeutic creative expression, forgiveness and love.

Y.A.E. and Education

Youth Arts Empowerment continuously seeks to partner with Bay Area schools to provide students with arts residencies, geared toward enhancing the learning process. By adopting the concept of “Learning by Doing”, we are looking to work with local teachers to incorporate hands-on visual arts activities to coincide with what students learn in their academic classrooms every day.

We are also committed to educating urban youth on lessons that are often omitted from schools today. Helpful life skills and lessons such as cooking, coping with stress, building good credit habits and effective time and money management, are either omitted or often skimmed over in public schools today. We want to bridge this gap by working side by side with schools to provide students with cooking class residencies, and workshops in financial literacy, stress relief strategies, cultural education, critical thinking, etiquette and much more.

Finally, Y.A.E provides youth with developmental services to broaden their perspective of the world that surrounds them. We assist our youth in developing into their full potential by offering field trips, and workshops that target S.T.E.A.M. education, resume building, job training, entrepreneurship, visual communications, farming/gardening, healthy eating habits and more.

-Y.A.E. and Spiritual Healing

Y.A.E recognizes that we, as humans, are also spiritual beings. Therefore, we aim to assist youth with becoming more familiar with their spiritual selves. Life’s uncontrollable circumstances can often leave us feeling hurt and angry. Our goal is to encourage spiritual healing and forgiveness from these painful life circumstances. We promote spiritual well-being by teaming up with churches, and spiritual leaders to facilitate exercises that encourage forgiveness. If we can talk about painful experiences and heal from them spiritually, then we can become a more peaceful people. We hope to ultimately help unify our youth and communities by helping us become spiritually healthy and more peaceful.    

"Art can be said to be-and can be used as-the externalized map of our interior self."

-Peter London

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