Call to Donate New and Used Books Today!
Call to Donate New and Used Books Today!
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Many students across the Bay Area struggle with reading. We want to combat this issue by partnering with local elementary schools to host activities that advocate literacy and reading practice. We believe that the more our students read, the more we can increase their literacy skills. We also want to encourage adolescents to continue to read by organizing book clubs for teens in underserved communities. Finally, we want to host free book libraries, accessible to young adults in under-represented communities to spark interests in reading and self-education.

We are focused on increasing literacy among children and young adults!

We are pleased to successfully complete our first College Roadmap Workshop!
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Youth Arts Empowerment seeks to advocate for higher education by hosting informative workshops for Bay Area high school students. During this interactive, hands-on workshop, students received the opportunity to research colleges of their interest, learn specific information about the college admission process, and create a vision board to reflect their academic, career and personal goals.


Empowering youth through the arts, education and spiritual healing.

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Youth Arts Empowerment seeks to empower and unify under-represented youth and communities through the arts, education, and spiritual healing.







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